What is causing havoc with your alignment?

You don’t need us to tell you there is a lot of construction on the roads throughout the area. But did you know that driving on those bad roads can cause problems with your wheel alignment? Road hazards can prematurely knock your wheels out of alignment, causing the need to have the wheels realigned.


We are going to list the various road hazards below.Auto AccidentsThings other than bad roads can also knock your wheels out of alignment. For example, your wheels and alignment may be affected if you get into an automobile accident. Even a minor incident can cause problems with your vehicle’s wheel alignment.Bumpy RoadsBumpy roads are a pain, aren’t they? Driving too fast on rough roads can knock your wheels out of alignment, unbalance them, and even damage your tires. Bumpy roads can also wreak havoc on your struts and shocks as they struggle to absorb the uneven pavement. Also, drive at the appropriate speed depending on the severity of the bumps in the road. Finally, protect your wheels and tires.Cement MarkersThe cement markers at the front of parking spaces can also knock your wheels out of alignment. If you pull into the parking space too fast and slam your front wheels against the marker, you will jolt the wheels backward and damage your wheel alignment. You can also damage your tires.ConstructionSlowing down in road construction zones isn’t just to protect the construction workers but also your automobile. Driving too fast in construction zones opens you up to skewing the wheel alignment on the uneven pavement, especially if you fly over the road covers.Curbs/CornersOne of the easiest ways to knock your wheels out of alignment is to hit a curb while turning around a corner. Hitting a curb pushes the tire inward. So take corners slow and be careful when you parallel park to protect your vehicle’s wheels.PotholesAs you can imagine, potholes are your suspension’s worst nightmare; this includes the wheel alignment. Driving through a pothole moves the wheel in several different directions simultaneously. Therefore, taking potholes extremely slow to avoid wheel alignment damage is essential.​

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