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For All Your Hybrid Vehicle’s Services

Hybrids are becoming more and more common on the road these days. You probably pass a lot of them on the highway. But are there enough hybrid repair shops to accommodate this growth? Technicians and repair shops need to add to their knowledge and skill sets to provide excellent auto service to hybrid vehicle drivers. We are skilled and trained to take care of all your hybrid services just like we do all of our other vehicle services. Hybrids are built differently than your average car. When it comes to hybrid operations, the basic concept is the same except this time the computerized vehicle engine is coupled with an electric motor as your dual power source. Both work together by using an onboard computer that operates and controls both power systems. Under certain driving conditions, the hybrid vehicle can work on either power source to give the vehicle optimum performance.

Battery Repairs and Replacements For All Hybrids

Hybrids also use a large battery pack that can store power and uses it for both cruising and stopping the vehicle just like your regular brakes. Battery replacement was more of an issue with earlier models. But many of the maintenance and service requirements are the same as on a standard vehicle. The gasoline engine requires the same maintenance as that on any car. Bret’s Autoworks has the expertise to service and repair your hybrid vehicle. The two main areas unique to a hybrid are the powertrain and electrical systems. Our technicians have the required specialized training to replace hybrid batteries.

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