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My car has a bad odor when I turned on the heat.

My car has a bad odor when I turned on the heat.

You might need a new cabin filter!  Cabin Air Benefits A cabin air filter is an air purification filter, sometimes called a “micro cabin air filter” or “in-cabin microfilter,” designed to remove the microscopic dust, allergens, pollutants, and other particles that come into the passenger cabin of your vehicle through its air vents. In addition to making the air in the interior of your car unpleasant and unhealthy, a dirty cabin air filter, clogged with dirt, dust, smelly mold, and allergens, can also impact your defroster's performance heating, and AC. Need some help with your cabin filter? Our service advisors and technicians, at either of our Bret's Autoworks locations, Gardner and Olathe would be happy to help you! 

Vent Cleaning

Ever get musky odors coming from your car's air vents? It's fairly common for  Gardner and Olathe drivers. Moisture can accumulate in the air conditioning/heating ventilation system allowing mold, mildew, fungus, and bacteria to grow. Disinfecting and deodorizing is a process. Depending on how bad the problem is, there are a couple of approaches Bret's Autoworks may take to get rid of the unwanted smells. For mild situations (especially on newer vehicles), a special deodorizing disinfectant is introduced into the ventilation system. This may be an aerosol or a mist application. The treatment kills the offending organisms and deodorizes the system. Sometimes in older vehicles, a good deal of mildew or other microorganisms can grow on the air conditioning evaporator which is housed in the heating/air conditioning air blend box behind the dashboard. In cases like this Bret's Autoworks fills the blend box with disinfecting foam that can eliminate stubborn organisms a ... read more


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