What is all the Buzz about?

You may all know Leo Murry as a great mechanic, business owner, awesome father, and husband, but did you know he is also a beekeeper? A few years ago, Leo’s son, Hudson, needed
to write an essay for a school project. Hudson is homeschooled, and his mom is his teacher. Hudson thought beekeeping might be a fun subject to explore, so they headed to Bee Fun Days.
His essay was entered into a contest, and it was so good, he won the prize! The prize was a Langstroth Hive, which was patented in 1952 by Pastor Langstroth. Hudson also won tools, a colony of 5,000 bees, and a queen bee!

What started as his son’s school project has now become a passion for Leo and his wife,
Sara. Because he is a beekeeper, Leo has been stung plenty of times, but he has not let the stings deter him. They have had four hives, and each hive has been considered a colony with up to 15,000 bees and a queen in each one.

Every hive can generate up to 70 pounds of honey! That’s a lot of honey. Leo and Sara are involved with their local bee community. Sara serves as the Secretary for the Northeastern Kansas Beekeepers’ Association, which can be found at: www.nekba.org.
The bee community continues to grow; even urbanites are getting involved. The beekeeper
community benefits everyone on the planet. Bees are the main pollinators for food crops, which
we need to survive. There is always something new to learn and honey to be gathered.

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