Recycling Tires

There are different grades of shredded tire product on the market. Tire shredders are pretty tough and durable and can also be adjusted 

With good quality tire shredders, you simply have to put car and truck tires into the feeder and the tire shredders will do the rest right from sizing it, cleaning it up and creating the quality product that customers​ are looking for.

Some tire shredders are designed to break the rubber to bits, as well as separating the rubber pieces from the smaller steel bits. 

Making Concrete from Shredded Tires (Derived from Tire Shredders)
The Rubber crumbs that are obtained from shredded tires with the help of tire shredder are incorporated to make Recycled rubber roads.

Researchers have shown that the percentage of crack formation in rubberized concrete reduces by more than 90% as compared to normal concrete. The polymer fibers present in tire crumbs ameliorates the resilience of concrete and hence makes it long lasting.

Alternative Fuel to Coal for Making Cement
The connection between cement and rubber is quite complex, but cement companies have been burning rubber as part of the cement making process for more than 20 years.

This is one of the alternative uses of shredded tires. Once the tires are cut into tiny chips, the rubber chips are sent off to the cement kilns which benefits everyone as there is cleaner cement fuel being used as well as leads to no tire waste.

Secondary Products from Tire Shredders Can be Used as Follows:

Here are some places that use

  • Civil Engineering Projects and Construction Backfill
  • Shoe Manufacturers
  • Rubber flooring designers
  • Athletic field suppliers
  • Asphalt laying terms
  • Sustainable landscaping outlets


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